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RBT55 Series Rear Blades
RBT55 Series Rear Blades

Land Pride's RBT55 Series Rear Blades 3-Way Hydraulic Rear Blade are built tough from the ground up. Make manual or hydraulic adjustments; angle, tilt, or offset to meet the demands of heavy-duty jobs. The blade, with its reversible cutting edge, can be angled left or right up to 45°, the ends can be tilted up or down by as much as 15°, and the whole blade can be offset to the left or right by as much as 33”. The blade can also be rotated 180° for blading in reverse with the same angling, tilting and offset capabilities. A retractable parking stand is included to accommodate easier blade removal, storage and reattachment. Available accessories includes manual or hydraulic operated single or dual gauge wheel for good depth control, end plates for holding material, skid shoes for blade protection, hardened wear edge plates for extended moldboard life, and manual angling, offset and tilting links for tractors with only one or two duplex outlets.

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Why RBT55 Series Rear Blades?
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
CAT. 2 AND 3 Bushing provided to go from Cat. 2 to Cat. 3 enables a wider variety of tractors to be used.
BLADE ANGLES LEFT AND RIGHT UP TO 45° IN EITHER DIRECTION (15 positions manually: Center, 7 clockwise and 7 counterclockwise) (Hydraulically: Any degree up to 45°) Allows operator to set the blade at the angle of his choice up to 45° to move the desired amount of material with satisfactory results.
BLADE OFFSETS LEFT AND RIGHT UP TO 33” (15 positions manually: Center, 7 positions left and 7 positions right) (Hydraulically: Any position up to 33”) Allows the operator to position the end of the moldboard beyond tractor tire and close to solid obstacles such as fences, buildings and abutments.
BLADE TILTS UP AND DOWN UP TO 15° Allows the operator to do simple tasks such as putting a crown in the middle of a road to making V-type ditches of various sizes.
FULLY WELDED REINFORCED MAIN FRAME Overall mainframe strength is enhanced due to being fully welded.
HEAVY-DUTY PIVOT ASSEMBLY WITH 4” SOLID STEEL KINGPIN 1” Plate steel turntable and 4” kingpin for handling the high amount of torque that can be transferred to this area.
FORMED 19” MOLDBOARD WITH TOP LIP REINFORCEMENT Formed moldboard with 90° bent top for additional strength. Tall moldboard allows for a great deal of material to be moved.
5/16” MOLDBOARD WITH ¼” REINFORCEMENT Heavy-duty moldboard to handle loads from 180 HP tractors.
GREASE POINTS IN FRONT PIVOT SHAFT Helps front pivot shaft maintain bind free movement.
REVERSIBLE CUTTING EDGE Lengthens blade life by being able to turn cutting edge over and use other edge.
RETRACTABLE PARKING STAND Enables one person hook-up and keeps the mainframe off of the ground.
SKID SHOES (OPTIONAL) Skid shoes protect moldboard from hitting low-lying obstructions such as manhole covers.
END PLATES (OPTIONAL) End plates allow the blade to hold material in to drag from one spot to another.
HARDENED WEAR EDGES (OPTIONAL) Attach to outer edges of moldboard to prevent to wear in moldboard during ditching.
SINGLE OR DUAL GAUGE WHEELS (OPTIONAL) Gauge wheels position the height of the blade to aid in grading.
Specifications At-A-Glance
  • 90-180 HP
  • 1 Model: RBT55120
  • 10' Widths
  • Cat. 2 or 3 hitch
  • Angle up to 45°
  • Offset up to 33"
  • Tilt up to 30°
  • Optional skid shoes & skid plates
  • Optional hardened wear edges