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RBT40 Series Rear Blades
RBT40 Series Rear Blades

Land Pride's RBT40 Series Rear Blades 3-Way Hydraulic Rear Blades are built tough from the ground up for applications ranging from landscaping, construction, snow removal, and feedlot cleaning. Designed to handle 100 HP tractors, this blade is also ideal for ditching, road grading and all-around farm use. By using hydraulics at all three positions, time can be utilized more efficiently by making changes on the go. Optional skid shoes and side plates are available for more precise results.

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Why RBT40 Series Rear Blades?
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
CAT. 1 OR 2 Fits wide variety of tractors.
3-WAY BLADE Tilt, angle and offset features available hydraulically or manually.
BLADE ANGLES LEFT AND RIGHT UP TO 45° IN EITHER DIRECTION (15 positions manually: Center, 7 clockwise and 7 counterclockwise) (Hydraulically: Any degree up to 45°) Allows operator to set the blade at the angle of his choice up to 45° to move the desired amount of material with satisfactory results.
BLADE OFFSETS LEFT AND RIGHT UP TO 30” (15 positions manually: Center, 7 positions left and 7 positions right) (Hydraulically: Any position up to 30”) Allows the operator to position the end of the moldboard beyond tractor tire and close to solid obstacles such as fences, buildings and abutments.
BLADE TILTS UP AND DOWN UP TO 15° Allows the operator to do simple tasks such as putting a crown in the middle of a road to making V-type ditches of various sizes.
FULLY WELDED MAIN FRAME Fully welded adds overall strength and rigidity to blade frame.
HEAVY-DUTY PIVOT ASSEMBLY WITH 3⅛” SOLID STEEL KINGPIN ¾” Plate steel turntable and 3⅛” kingpin for handling the high amount of torque that can be transferred to this area.
FORMED 17" MOLDBOARD Precisely formed moldboard rolls dirt and debris with ease.
5/16” MOLDBOARD THICKNESS WITH BOX REINFORCEMENT Thick material with fully welded box reinforcement creates a strong moldboard to handle tough jobs.
REVERSIBLE CUTTING EDGE Get twice the wear from the cutting edge by flipping it over.
RETRACTABLE PARKING STAND Able to store the unit with the frame off the ground, also aids in attaching to tractor.
SKID SHOES (OPTIONAL) Skid shoes help protect from hitting low obstructions by keeping the moldboard off the ground.
END PLATES (OPTIONAL) End plates hold material in and allows it to be moved.
CUSHION VALVE (OPTIONAL) Helps protect the moldboard and cylinders in the event an obstruction is hit by allowing hydraulic fluid to bypass the cushion valve and flow back towards the tractor.
SELECTOR VALVE (OPTIONAL) Provides a way to operate 2 cylinders at one outlet, thereby reducing the number of required outlets by one.
Specifications At-A-Glance
  • 2WD: 65-100 HP
  • 4WD: Up to 75 HP
  • 2 Models: RBT4096, RBT40108
  • 96", 108" Widths
  • Cat. 1 or 2 hitch
  • Hydraulic adjustments with hose & fittings
  • Angle up to 45°
  • Offset up to 30" left or right
  • Tilt up to 15°
  • 5/16" Blade thickness
  • Fully welded mainframe