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XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow
XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow

This Changes Everything Change the way you plow snow, and take your business to the next level of profitability, with the FISHER® XLS Expandable Length Commercial Snow Plow. With the ability to expand from 8’ to 10’ wide, and then angle the wings to an 8’ 10” scoop, or the ultimate windrowing configuration, you can be up to 30% more efficient.

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2 Season Warranty

FISHER snow plow and spreader whole goods are covered under Fisher Engineering’s “Two Year Warranty” policy. FISHER snow plow parts and accessories sold over the counter and the Homesteader snow plow are covered by a one-year warranty. All warranty requests must be handled through an authorized FISHER snow plow dealer.

Blade Height Blade Gauge Trip Springs Ribs Angling Rams Plowing Width
(Full Angle)
Approx. Weight Wear Shoes Cutting Edge
8' retracted
10' extended
8'10" Scoop
29" 12 4 Blade Center
6 full/2 half

Blade Wings
1 full (each)
1½" x 10" 7'2" retracted
9' extended
7'11" windrow mode
985 lb Optional ½" x 6"
Top punched
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  • XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow
  • XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow
  • XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow
Outstanding Features

Rugged Moldboard
Rugged Moldboard
The 12-gauge steel moldboard is 29” high, and with independently controlled wings, the XLS extends from 8’ to 10’ wide. With both wings angled forward, you get the carrying capacity of a 8’ 10” scoop. Durable polyurethane wing cutting edges reduce wear and protect the blade – allowing it to “trip” in any position. The XLS snowplow features an aggressive 70-degree attack angle that provides a cleaner scrape and reduces the need for deicing after plowing.