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HD2 Series Straight Blade Snow Plow
HD2 Series Snow Plow

The New Standard Take the best-selling FISHER® plow of all time, load it with more standard features, and give it more available options and you have the all-new FISHER® HD2 straight-blade snowplow. The ultra-rugged HD2 blade is constructed of high-strength, powder coated steel that's able to stand up to harsh winters and be there with you storm after storm. Also available as a skid steer plow, The FISHER® HD2 commercial snow plow gets your commercial jobs done.

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2 Season Warranty

FISHER snow plow and spreader whole goods are covered under Fisher Engineering’s “Two Year Warranty” policy. FISHER snow plow parts and accessories sold over the counter and the Homesteader snow plow are covered by a one-year warranty. All warranty requests must be handled through an authorized FISHER snow plow dealer.

Blade Height Blade Gauge Trip Springs Ribs Angling Rams Plowing Width
(Full Angle)
Approx. Weight Wear Shoes Cutting Edge
7'6" 29" 12 3 10 1½" x 12" 6'9" 684 lb Optional ⅜" x 6" steel
8' 29" 12 4 10 1½" x 12" 7'2" 734 lb Optional ½" x 6"
8'6" 29" 12 4 10 1½" x 12" 7'7" 750 lb Optional ½" x 6"
9' 29" 12 4 10 1½" x 12" 8'1" 770 lb Optional ½" x 6"
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  • HD2 Series
  • HD2 Series
Outstanding Features

Rugged Construction
Rugged Construction
The FISHER® HD2 snowplow is built with 10 heavy-gauge steel ribs, welded into a rigid framework, which provides structural support and torsional strength, even under heavy load. The HD2 snowplow comes standard with a ½” steel cutting edge*, but you can choose between four optional cutting edges, including rubber, poly, &frac58” steel and carbide, for extended wear. *7'6" HD2 model comes standard with a &frac38" steel cutting edge


Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories
The FISHER® HD2 snowplow is available with an extensive line of optional accessories designed to maximize your efficiency and reliability. Accessories include: Trip-Edge Blade Wings, Back Drag Edge, Rubber Deflector, Steel Deflector, Steel SnoFoil® Deflector, Heavy-Duty Lift Ram, Curb Guards, Wear Shoes, 36" Commercial Blade Guides, Rubber Cutting Edge, Poly Cutting Edge, ⅝" Steel Cutting Edge, Carbide Cutting Edge.


Skid-Steer Mounting Plate
Skid-Steer Mounting Plate
The FISHER® HD2 plow is also available for skid-steers with a universal skid-steer mounting plate for fast and easy hook-up.