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eXmark Turf Star Dealer

eXmark Turf Star Dealer
Service and Parts with fast turn-around time.

While the Exmark Service Team spends over three months each year personally training our dealers and end-users on how to care for and repair Exmark equipment, they also utilize our 175 years of combined experience to assist their dealers via phone, email or social media every weekday. We understand the importance of keeping your equipment up and running. We want you to know that we are here to do everything we can to make that happen and that's why we are a Certified Turf Star Dealer.

Certified Small Engine Specialists

Certified Small Engine Specialists
We are certified to work on Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton Engines.

Our small engine technicians are certified by the manufacturers to work on three of the toughest, hardest working small engines in the industry: Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton. Hickory International's Certified Small Engine Technicians are experienced and skilled which allows them to deliver the equipment you count on with confidence.

Rest assured, our priority is to fix your equipment properly and get it back to you working just as hard as you do.

Recommended Lawn & Garden Services

  • Blade Sharpening

    At Hickory International, we can service your lawn mower blades. We offer an inspection service to determine if your lawn mower blade is still in good enough condition to be sharpened or if it should be replaced. A good rule of thumb is; if your mower blade has developed nicks, dings, and curls from hitting rocks and branches, then it's time to sharpen your mower blade. Sharpen your blades often.

  • Chainsaw Sharpening

    If you are a Homeowner, Contractor, Landscaper, Handyman, Tree Trimmer, or just cutting Firewood, for the season, let us help you save money by re-sharpening your chainsaw blades/chains. If your chainsaw blades/chains are dull, and will not cut anymore, Hickory International can re-sharpened and condition your blades/chains so they cut like new again.

  • Tire & Tube Repair

    Hickory International can repair inner tubes and tires for lawn and garden mowers and tractors, ATV's, trailers, implements, and more. No matter what kind of mower, tractor, or heavy-duty or industrial vehicle you’re operating, we’ll find the tires you need to dig in and get the job done at Hickory International.

  • Tune-Up Specials

    We offer In-Season tune-up specials, as well as Winterizing tune-up specials throughout the year. Here at Hickory International, our Certified Small Engine Technicians know how to keep your equipment running properly, in and out of season. Storing your equipment properly in the winter ensures working equipment in the spring!