Kubota Construction Utility Equipment

R Series Loaders

Compact in size, but not in strength. Kubota wheel loaders can take on the toughest construction, industrial, and agricultural jobs. Features such as quick couplers and auxiliary hydraulics enable our loaders to operate a variety of attachments. Fully articulated steering and compact size allow for easy navigation of tight spaces. An oscillating body and long wheel base means superior stability and strong traction on tough terrain. Not to mention high and long dumping clearance, unobstructed visibility, low sound level, and more. The Kubota R420S and R520S wheel loaders can do it all.

Kubota's full size loaders, the R530 and R630, are powerful and spacious with superior maneuverability.

Kubota R420S Wheel Loader
R420S Wheel Loader
  • Operating Wgt: 7,450 lbs
  • 39.2 HP/2,600 RPMs
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Kubota R520S Wheel Loader
R520S Wheel Loader
  • Operating Wgt: 8,980 lbs
  • 43.9 HP/2,600 RPMs
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Kubota R530 Wheel Loader
R530 Wheel Loader
  • Operating Wgt: 9,303 lbs
  • 51 HP/2,400 RPMs
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Kubota R630 Wheel Loader
R630 Wheel Loader
  • Operating Wgt: 10,229 lbs
  • 64.4 HP/2,400 RPMs
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